Success of Renewable Energy in Africa campaign

by the African Climate Reality Project

Introducing more renewable energy into the energy mix of African countries is urgently needed to reduce our carbon emissions and avoid the extreme impacts of runaway climate change. This starts with transitioning from a bulk of electricity being generated by fossil fuels such as coal and oil to an energy mix dominated by sustainable, low-carbon and environment-friendly energy sources: renewable energies, particularly wind and solar energy.

This shift also aligns with the achievement of social justice objectives, especially in terms of access to electricity for all, inclusive economic systems, equitable resource management and health. Indeed the transition to decarbonised, sustainable societies provides a system change opportunity towards improving socio-economic conditions, justice and governance – which economic systems based on extracted, finite resources and centralised energy generation have failed to deliver satisfactorily to this day.

The Success of Renewable Energies in Africa campaign aims at increasing the understanding about the far-reaching implications of African countries’ choice of their energy system – and particularly the positive effects of renewable energy – in terms of sustainability (greenhouse gas emissions, water usage), jobs and livelihoods, health, access to electricity for all, transparency… to name a few!


Click here to download infographics from this campaign.


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