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We are always open to increasing the SACAN network. If you want your organisation to join us in fighting for a greener, fairer world, please check the membership criteria and complete the form. If you have any questions, you can find our details in ‘Contact Us’.

Membership Criteria 

In order to be eligible for SACAN membership the member must:

  1. Be an organization, individuals are not eligible for membership;
  2. Be recommended, preferably by at least two members in good standing;
  3. Be independent from government and business sectors; and;
  4. Have climate change issues as its major concern.

Membership Process

Please complete the SACAN Membership Application Form (below). Alternatively,  you can send an email with the requested information to the SACAN Coordinator, Janet Kachinga (

  • Once the application form and supporting documents are submitted to the SACAN Coordination Team, we will ensure all requirements are met, seeking any  clarifications from the applicant.
  • The application will then be circulated to all existing SACAN members for comments for a period of one month.
  • Once this period is over and no comments have arisen, the Coordinator will then inform the applicant of the decision of the application. The applicant will then be considered a CAN and SACAN member.
  • The Coordination Team will then advise SACAN and CAN of the new member and request the contact person be included on CANTalk.

Please note there are no membership fees to join SACAN.

Membership Application Form

If you comply with the above criteria and process and if this applies to your organisation, please read the CAN Charter and then complete the Application form below:

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